Caster, and Threats

A couple of months ago I began trying to make friends with LeftistFurs community member Caster. The truth is that I am not a fan of the division in the furry fandom caused by the groups we are members of. I saw reaching out as a good first step towards a mutual understanding and a resolution to the conflict between AltFurry and LeftistFurs. This could be considered naive (and it probably was). I saw it as a worthwhile risk to make things better for the community.

Caster and I have similar furry likes. Between this and his (seemingly) higher level of flexibility on politics I took the incredibly large risk of sharing my actual/old furry character with him. This seemed to pay off at first. We roleplayed and exchanged images of mutual interest. There seemed to be a mutual feeling that we connected and that we no longer wished to go after each other. It was my hope I could talk him into working with me to end the drama between our groups.

He kept pushing me to disassociate from people he didn't care for. I opted to make it abundantly clear that I would never be willing to allow another person to dictate who I could be friends with under any circumstances. Fast forward to a couple of days ago: he starts openly disparaging my friend Foxler Nightfire on Twitter. Mostly by repeatedly linking to a doctored audio clip being publicized by some internet troll who calls himself Der Fuhrious.

I stick up for Foxler and he opts to ping Kiwi Farms members. You can see kiwis begin to discuss me in their Altfur General thread as a result of this. He also opted to tell Leftist Foxbutt aka AtticaFox who my old character is along with "a few others". I promptly find myself booted from every LeftistFurs chat that I had infiltrated. This character is what had allowed me to create the @LeftistFurs Telegram leak (as he had a long history of existing on FA and Twitter). I opted to block Caster for this and throw him out of my server.

Since then he has been sending me repeat threats explaining his willingness to share what he knows of me with Kiwi Farms if I refuse to "cooperate" and unblock him. I won't be indulging his power trip. He's also chosen to lie to people about these events and I've been happy to show them screencaps from his server where he explains that he's only ever spoken with me to gain information and "get to Len" (much to his frustration).

Will my past surface? Probably. I have no interest in defending it. It can be boiled down to "I was a cringy teenager that didn't understand social interaction and the Internet humiliated me for it". I'm thankful for that in a way. It helped me become a better person.

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