Overdue Smashcords Update

It's been a couple of months since I updated the Smash Bros. discord directory. There is for a myriad of personal reasons for this and I intend to go into greater detail on a later date. I have given edit access to 4 trusted indivduals and am training them how to update the list in my absence.

Today Smashcords has 60 new links. Most of these are related to a newly added section for Super Smash Flash 2. If you would like to add your own (or if you notice any errors) please get in touch with me at Smashcords HQ.

For those looking to add servers, I would like to note that we are looking to add local discords for Project M as well as fan discords for streamers and youtubers with public servers.


Nordic Region - http://smashcords.com/meleenordic

Project M

Project M Hub - http://smashcords.com/pmhub
Project M Wiimmfi - http://smashcords.com/pmwiimmfi

Scotland - http://smashcords.com/pmscotland

Smash 4

Seriously Casual Smash - http://smashcords.com/s4casual

MySmashCorner Official - http://smashcords.com/mysmashcorner

Arabia - http://smashcords.com/s4arabia
Bahamas - http://smashcords.com/s4bahamas
Greece - http://smashcords.com/s4greece
Mexico - http://smashcords.com/s4mexico
New Haven / South CT - http://smashcords.com/s4elmcity
New Jersey - http://smashcords.com/s4newjersey
St. Thomas (Ontario) - http://smashcords.com/s4stthomas
Washington - http://smashcords.com/s4washington

Party Plaza - http://smashcords.com/s4partyplaza
Psybor Tourneys - http://smashcords.com/s4psybor
Smashtral Planes - http://smashcords.com/s4smashtralplanes
Smashurai League - http://smashcords.com/smashurai
Timeout Bi-Weeklies - http://smashcords.com/s4timeout

Super Smash Flash 2

SSF 2 Official - http://smashcords.com/ssf2official
Flash Nation - http://smashcords.com/ssf2flashnation
SSF2 Universe - http://smashcords.com/ssf2universe
Collusion: Crew Battlegrounds - http://smashcords.com/ssf2crews

Bandana Dee - http://smashcords.com/ssf2bandanadee
Black Mage - http://smashcords.com/ssf2blackmage
Bowser - http://smashcords.com/ssf2bowser
Captain Falcon - http://smashcords.com/ssf2captainfalcon
Chibo Robo - http://smashcords.com/ssf2chibirobo
Donkey Kong - http://smashcords.com/ssf2donkeykong
Falco - http://smashcords.com/ssf2falco
Fox - http://smashcords.com/ssf2fox
Goku - http://smashcords.com/ssf2goku
Ichigo - http://smashcords.com/ssf2ichigo
Isaac - http://smashcords.com/ssf2isaac
Kirby - http://smashcords.com/ssf2kirby
Link - http://smashcords.com/ssf2link
Lloyd - http://smashcords.com/ssf2lloyd
Luffy - http://smashcords.com/ssf2luffy
Luigi - http://smashcords.com/ssf2luigi
Mario - http://smashcords.com/ssf2mario
Marth - http://smashcords.com/ssf2marth
Mega Man - http://smashcords.com/ssf2megaman
Meta Knight - http://smashcords.com/ssf2metaknight
Mr. Game & Watch - http://smashcords.com/ssf2mrgameandwatch
Naruto - http://smashcords.com/ssf2naruto
Ness - http://smashcords.com/ssf2ness
Pac-Man - http://smashcords.com/ssf2pacman
Peach - http://smashcords.com/ssf2peach
Pichu - http://smashcords.com/ssf2pichu
Pikachu - http://smashcords.com/ssf2pikachu
Pit - http://smashcords.com/ssf2pit
Samus - http://smashcords.com/ssf2samus
Sandbag - http://smashcords.com/ssf2sandbag
Sheik - http://smashcords.com/ssf2sheik
Sonic - http://smashcords.com/ssf2sonic
Sora - http://smashcords.com/ssf2sora
Tails - http://smashcords.com/ssf2tails
Yoshi - http://smashcords.com/ssf2yoshi
Zelda - http://smashcords.com/ssf2zelda
Zero Suit Samus - http://smashcords.com/ssf2zss

Thanks to @Creptiqal#8591 on Discord for helping me round up the Smash Flash 2 links. This would've been incredibly difficult without your help!

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